50 or 100 g/L quizalofop-P-ethyl


EC - emulsifiable concentrate

Fast acting, selective graminicide for the post-emergence control of most annual and perennial grasses in broadleaf crops like potatoes, oilseed rape, beet crops, sunflower and vegetable crops.

Key Strengths

  • Systemic herbicide with fast absorption through the leaves and rapid translocation to the growing point for thorough eradication of grass weeds
  • Very good efficacy against i.a. blackgrass, windgrass, millet species, brome grasses, ryegrass, wild oat, volunteer cereals, couch grass
  • Good crop safety, allowing the application timing to be based solely on the optimal developmental stage of the targeted grass weeds
  • Excellent rainfastness

Other brand names

Baruka, Morata

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