250 g/L tebuconazole


EW - emulsion, oil in water

Broad-spectrum systemic fungicide providing strong preventive and moderate curative action against multiple diseases in cereals, oilseed rape, grapes and some vegetables. Also used for crop height reduction in oilseed rape.

Key Strenghts

  • Reliable, all-round fungicide with efficacy over a period of several weeks, controlling numerous pathogens in various crops
  • Very effective on i.a. Fusarium, Alternaria, Septoria nodorum, rusts, Sclerotinia, powdery mildew, leaf spots
  • Fast uptake into the leaf followed by slow and even redistribution in the plant, ensuring rapid curative and long-lasting preventive activity
  • Flexibility of positioning within any fungicide program
  • Excellent plant compatibility

Other brand names

Conrod, Glovitis, Maxony, Nidas, Tebucor, Tebuguard, Teson, Tesoro, Tubosan, Turbosan, Vinicur

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