Globachem: your partner in agrochemicals!

We concentrate on “young” generic agrochemicals (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, etc.) and new, plant-available products, with useful applications in agriculture and horticulture.

  • Mission and vision

    As a young and dynamic, family owned company, engaged in international agrochemical business, Globachem wants to make an important contribution in reducing the ecological footprint of agriculture and horticulture. Therefore, Globachem is a market-driven, trustworthy company, committed to offer a full service in the area of generic and new agrochemical products.

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  • History

    Globachem nv was established by Koen en Els Quaghebeur-Paesmans in December 2000, with the family home acting as its head office. From the outset, Globachem’s primary focus was submitting registrations of generic agrochemicals.

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  • Registrations

    Globachem focuses especially on acquiring registrations. This is our core business. Over the course of the years Globachem has acquired over 300 registrations in more than 30 countries.

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  • Research and Development

    Globachem has spent the last few years transforming its R&D department and currently enlists a full team developing and testing a wide range of new products and applications.

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  • Value of Agrochemicals

    The agricultural and horticultural industry faces a multitude of challenges: the growing world population, increased prosperity leading to increased meat consumption, crops being used as fodder, fibres and fuel…

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  • Premises

    Globachem nv moved to its brand new premises, located in the Brustem Industriepark (Industrial Estate), Sint-Truiden (Belgium), on 01/01/2012. Our premises contains an office space with work stations, meeting rooms, a laboratory, a 3-compartment storage facility, …

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