Globachem Premises

Globachem nv moved from the CEOs’ family home to its brand new premises, located in the Brustem Industriepark (Industrial Estate), Sint-Truiden (Belgium), on 01/01/2012. These premises contain an office space featuring work stations, meeting rooms, a cafeteria, laboratory and a 3-compartment storage facility including labelling room, a loading dock with 3 loading bays, a fire pump room and a fork-lift storage room.

Fire safety

The new company premises have been built according to the strictest fire safety requirements. The building is made up entirely out of concrete and features concrete columns, walls, frames and slabs. The various compartments are divided by concrete fire walls and the gates, all of which are fireproof, close automatically in case of fire. So as to comply with fire safety regulations, the building features a foam fire extinguishing system, allowing fires to be put out within a mere 5 minutes. Any possible runoff can be collected in the compartments thanks to a 15-cm containment. The remaining runoff can be retained in the loading bay. The fire extinguishing system, including its diesel engine, is tested every week. The roof has been equipped with a siren by the Civil Protection Agency, enabling us to alert the neighbourhood in case of a serious incident. We do a silent siren test on a daily basis and a “loud” test at 12 A.M. on the first Thursday of each quarter. The entire premises, both inside and outside, is treated as a non-smoking zone.

Some numbers

  • 7500 m² built on a 1.74 ha plot
  • 7,000 tonnes of reinforced concrete
  • 33 m: longest frame length, 22 tonnes: longest frame weight
  • 200 concrete supporting columns, 16 m deep
  • 1,500 solar panels and 14 inverters with a capacity of 345 kWp – annual output of 300,000 kWh (which largely corresponds to the annual consumption of 100 families)
  • 2 heat pumps for underfloor heating in the office space and labelling room (25 km of underfloor heating tubes)
  • 22,850 m of cables for lighting, data, telephones, warehouse scanners, smoke vents, fire detection, fire alarm, ventilation, burglar arm, camera security and access checks.
  • 3 loading bays
  • Room for 7,000 pallets
  • 5-level racks; the highest level is 7.5 m high.