Developing agrochemicals

Globachem’s core business involves acquiring registrations, focusing on “young” generic agrochemicals as well as a range of new, plant-available products

Developing new agrochemicals or new applications of “old” ones holds the key to our future success, which is why a considerable part of our annual budget goes to the development of these products and/or applications.

We firmly believe that looking for and testing new agrochemicals and formulations, both in our laboratory and in real life, is crucial to providing our customers with high-quality, premium solutions.

Registering Agrochemicals

Since the implementation of EU Directive 91/414 acquiring registration of agrochemicals (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, growth regulators etc.) has become more difficult within the EU. Moreover, demands are becoming increasingly strict every year, e.g. the enforcement of Commission Regulation 1107/2009 in 2011. The process has, thus, become a costly and time-consuming endeavour, yet only allows onto the market those agrochemicals of the highest quality which bear the smallest possible risk to the environment.
It is Globachem’s conviction that acquiring registration of agrochemicals is key to the success of a generic company. Globachem has acquired over 300 registrations of agrochemicals in over 30 different countries, such as Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Tunisia, Morocco, Lithuania and Sweden.

Globachem’s own set of registrations are based on, amongst others, the following active ingredients: 6-benzyladenine, azoxystrobin, chloridazon, clopyralid, diethofencarb, diflufenican, diquat, epoxiconazole, fluroxypyr, gibberellic acid GA3, gibberellins GA4/7, potassium bicarbonate, lambda-cyhalothrin, metazachlor, napropamide, penconazole, propyzamide, tebuconazole, trinexapac-ethyl, etc. Globachem has joined forces with an extensive network of well-known GLP laboratories in order to do the necessary research for the acquisition of registrations.

Our professional registration department will gladly aid your company in registering our agrochemicals in your country.