Isomate CLR, The residue-free solution to codling moth and leaf rollers

Isomate CLR is a pheromone dispenser based on the active ingredient codlemone.

Your advantages

  • Isomate CLR is a pheromone dispenser containing pheromones from both the codling moth and leaf rollers.
  • The only product including 5 pheromone components in one dispenser
  • More efficient use of insecticides made possible
  • Free from residues


  • Apples and pears
    • Min. 800 dispensers per ha
    • Hang out before codling moth flight, i.e. before 1st May in normal years
    • Hang out extras along the borders
    • Hang in the top half metre of the tree
    • Check effect using traps and, if necessary, adjust chemically

Practical information

This information is only available in Dutch
Please contact us for more information in your own language.

Active ingredient

Codlemone e.a.

Mode of action

Acts mainly by disruption of mating, either in trapping or in disorientation mode.

Uses according to the Pesticide Manual

Used either alone, or in combination with an insecticide, for control of codling moth.

Available formulations

Globachem can offer you the following formulation, based on the active ingredient codlemone:

  • Isomate CLR (39% (E,E)-8,10-Dodecadien-1-ol, 37% (Z)-11-Tetradecenyl acetate, 7% (Z)-9-Tetradecenyl acetate, 6% Dodecan-1-ol, 1% Tetradecan-1-ol ) – vapour producing product
    Commercial name: Isomate CLR

Directions for use

At he present time, Globachem sells Isomate CLR only in Belgium.

The directions for use according the official label:

  • • Belgium: Isomate CLR– in Dutch or French
    • Use on apples and pears


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