Novovit, for a care-free start of your trees!

Novovit Frutta is an NPK-fertiliser

Your advantages:

  • Starter fertiliser
    • NPK-fertiliser for planting
    • Active up to 8 months after application
  • Water reservoir
    • water and liquid buffer, so less water stress in dry conditions
    • favourable effect up to 5 years after application
  • Prevents root damage by voles and water voles
    • Physically preventive mode of action


  • Pome and stone fruit: 40 grams per tree in the tree pit as well as under the roots
  • For optimum effect: water thoroughly straight after planting so the granules can swell.
  • Practical steps:
    • Dig tree pit, add Novovit
    • Plant trees (or plants) in tree pits
    • Fill up tree pit with soil and water thoroughly

Practical information

What is Novovit?

Novovit® - Fertiliser with a water retention agent in one granular

Novovit® is a start fertiliser with an integrated water retention agent. The product can retain a large amount of water in the form of gel particles, it is a real innovation. Novovit® is a special product as it provides plant roots both with nutrients and water.

Novovit® - Fertiliser and water retention 

The developed roots easily grow through the gel particles and in this way supply nutrients and water to the plant. The plants are then supplied with nutrients for 8 months and the water retention remains effective for up to 5 years.

Novovit® - Innovation at a glance

Novovit® consists of a combination of fertiliser and organic polymer

  • Novovit® guarantees:
    • A nutrient suply for eight months
    • A year-long water retention
  • Novovit® retains up to 50-times its own weight in water
  • Novovit® regulates the supply of water and nutrients to the plant
  • Novovit® repels voles
  • Novovit® works best under dry conditions
  • Novovit® not easily washed away into the soil


Product variants and one-off quantities required

Novovit® GREEN (NPK-EG -meststof 9 - 6 - 17) with trade elements and organic polymer.

  • Soft fruit = 35 g per plant
  • Woods in parks and grounds = 30 g per plant
  • Deciduous and coniferous trees = 30 g per tree
  • Large trees used in landscape planting shemes ( > 10cm Ø ) = 3 kg per m3
  • Olive trees, date palms = 20 g per tree
  • Hop = 30 g per plant
  • Grapevines = 20 g per vine

Novovit®-ERBA (NPK-meststof 9 - 6 - 17) with trace elements and organic polymer.

  • Rolled turf = 50 g per m2
  • Potting soil = 3 g per litre

Novovit®-FRUTTA (NPK-meststof 7 - 35 - 8) with trace elements, pottasium and organic polymer.

  • Pome and stone fruit = 40 g per tree
  • Figs trees = 40 g per tree

Physical-chemical properties

  • Appearance = Pellet
  • Bulk weight = approx. 800 g approx. ± 50 g/Liter
  • Grain size = GREEN, FRUTTA approx. 7 mm, ERBA approx. 1mm
  • Odour = neutral

When kept in a dry place, unopened  original containers can be stored indefinitely. Opened containers must be sealed correctly and then stored in a dry and cool place. 


Ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, phosphate, potassium oxide (soluble in water), magnesium oxide (soluble in water), boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, iron. Novovit® has been patented.

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