Crop protection


  • 100 g/L fluroxypyr
  • 1 g/L florasulam


SE - suspo-emulsion

Post-emergence herbicide for use in wheat, barley and oats for the control of a range of broadleaf weeds.

Key Strengths

  • Combined systemic actives offer broad spectrum weed control, including problem weeds
  • Very effective against annual (i.a. cleavers, mayweed, chickweed, wild mustard, cruciferae) as well as perennial broadleaf weeds (i.a. buttercup, dandelion, bitter dock)
  • Reliable, consistent control protecting yield
  • Flexibility in application timing, temperature and dose rate
  • Liquid SE-formulation ensures optimal uptake, transport and activity
  • Excellent rainfastness and crop safety

For country-specific information about the registration and the label of this product, we refer to the database with registered plant protection products of your country.