Crop protection


180 or 200 g/L fluroxypyr


EC - emulsifiable concentrate

Post-emergence, systemic herbicide to control annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in cereals, maize and grassland.

Key Strenghts

  • Highly active selective herbicide giving rapid and consistent weed control.
  • Great efficacy on annual (i.a. cleavers, common chickweed, polygonums, black nightshade) as well as perennial broadleaf weeds (i.a. field bindweed, hedge bindweed, volunteer potatoes)
  • Flexible application
  • Excellent tank mix partner
  • Also to be used on grassland, golf courses, temporarily uncultivated agricultural land and permanently uncropped soil

Other brand names

Awac, Gal-Gone

For country-specific information about the registration and the label of this product, we refer to the database with registered plant protection products of your country.