Protection des plantes


60 or 90 g/L metconazole


EC - emulsifiable concentrate

Systemic fungicide providing broad-spectrum disease protection in cereals, oilseed rape and some vegetable crops. Especially known for its excellent Fusarium head blight supression in wheat. Also used for crop height reduction in oilseed rape and mustard.

Key Strenghts

  • Powerful Fusarium head blight control in wheat, protecting yield and reducing mycotoxin levels
  • Also very good efficacy on i.a. Septoria spp., rusts, Alternaria, Phoma, Botrytis
  • Preventive and curative activity
  • Fast uptake into the plant
  • Crop height reduction in oilseed rape and mustard to reduce lodging and ensure optimal harvest yield

Other brand names

Artina, Conatra, Saloon, Bistro, Martis

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