Directions for use following the official label in the United Kingdom

N.B. The practical Globachem recommandations deviate from the official label.


To improve fruit set when blossom is spare, setting conditions are poor or where frost has killed the majority of the flowers.

Rate of use: prepare a spray solution using 22 tablets in 1000 litres of water (10 tablets/100 gal). Then apply:

a)    Single application: 220 to 560 litres/ha (20-50 gal/ac) OR
b)    Split application: 110 to 280 litres/ha (10-25 gal/ac)


a)    Single application: normally at 25 % open flower
b)    Split application: at 25 % open flower and repeat at 50% open flower.


  1. The GIBB 3 program to be adopted is a matter of judgement by the grower. Too great fruit set can result in a huge set of small fruit.
  2. At 25 % open flower it is usually possible to see what proportion is frosted and to have some idea of the likely pollinating conditions. Only apply GIBB 3 after frost if 80% of the flowers are frosted.
  3. Split application has the advantage that the second spray can be omitted if pollinating conditions become very favourable.
  4. Conference usually responds well, Doyenne du Comice has shown variable response.
  5. Treated fruit is of good quality and flavour but maybe seedless and slightly different shape.


  1. GIBB 3 will not work on severely frosted blossom, i.e. when the whole fruitlet is black.
  2. Do NOT apply GIBB 3 after petal fall. Treatment at this time can have an adverse effect on next season’s fruit buds.


To increase head size and yield

Rate of use: prepare a spray solution using 10 tablets in 100 litres of water and add 50 ml ‘Agral’ (10 tablets/22 gal plus 2 fl oz of ‘Agral’). Then apply 250-300 litres/ha (20-30 gal/ac) to achieve complete wetting.

The interval between application and harvest should never exceed four weeks or there will be a risk of premature seeding and root splitting.

Timing: apply three weeks before the first intended harvest.

Rhubarb (Forced crops)

To reduce cold treatment requirements and increase earliness and yield

Rate of use: prepare a solution using 10 tablets in 100 litres of water (10 tablets/22 gal). Then apply: 250 ml (9 fl oz) per crown as drench (1 tablet treats 40 crowns)

Timing: apply to washed crowns on transfer to forcing shed.

Mixing and spraying

GIBB 3 should be freshly prepared before use. Add the required number of tablets to the appropriate volume of water. Agitate before and during application. Apply an even and complete cover using any suitable sprayer.