Directions for use following the official label in the United Kingdom 

N.B. The practical Globachem recommandations deviate from the official label.


For the improvement of fruit skin finish.

Rates of use

0.2-0.4 litres/ha at 7 days intervals
0.25-0.5 litres/ha at 10 days intervals

Use higher rates when conditions (e.g. cold, wet or windy weather) are conductive for fruit russeting. Lower rates may be used under more favourable conditions, but the degree of improvement in the fruit skin finish is dependent on the rate used. 

Timing of sprays

Apply the first spray immediately after the completion of petal fall, followed by:
four further sprays at 7 days intervals
three further sprays at 10 days intervals
If conditions during the period of petal fall to fruitlet are especially favourable for good fruit finish, then the final spray may be omitted.

Preparation of the spray solution

Slowly invert the container several times before using to ensure uniform mixture. Half fill the spray tank with clean water. Add the recommended quantity of GIBB Plus to the sprayer using a filling device (e.g. induction bowl, probe) or by direct addition to the spray tank. Wash out containers thoroughly. Preferably use an integrated pressure rinsing device, or manually rinse three times. Add washings to the sprayer at the time of filling. Top up tank with water to required level.

Water volumes and spraying

Apply in not less than 200 litres of water per hectare. For optimum results, good coverage of the fruitlets is essential and this can best be achieved by applying in a volume of 500 to 1000 litres per hectare. Spraying under humid and slow drying conditions will further enhance the results achieved. Apply by any suitable orchard sprayer. Do not leave spray liquid in the sprayer for long periods (i.e. during meals or overnight).


GIBB Plus has been used on Cox, Discovery, Golden Delicious and Karmijn with excellent results. Until further experience is gained, it is recommended that only a few trees of other varieties are treated.

Forest tree seeds

For improved germination of Nothofagus oblique and N. procera.

Rate and methods

25 ml GIBB Plus in 5 litres of water
Stir seeds in the solution to ensure wetting and soak for 24 hours. Sow immediately on completion of the soak. Note: this is a qualified minor use recommendation. Evidence of crop effectiveness and crop safety are limited.