Globachem concentrates

  • firstly on “young” generic agrochemicals (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, etc.)
  • and secondly on new plant-available products, with useful applications in agriculture and horticulture.

Our specialties

Pomax is a versatile fungicide that, due to its unique composition, provides long-lasting, effective control of storage diseases in apple and pear. More information
Atilla is an insecticide used in the control of pear psylla (Psylla pyri). If applied in time, Atilla prevents black pears. In addition, it does not harm useful insects. More information
GIBB 3 ensures fruit setting in pears after late night frost. It also counteracts vinegar rot in grapes. More information
GIBB Plus counteracts russetting on apples and pears and ensures optimum production in pears. More information
Globaryll 100 ensures safe apple and pear thinning, resulting in increased fruit size and stronger flower buds. More information
Platina is the standard product to avoid cracking in sweet cherries and ensures increased fruit size and numbers in pears. More information
Frugico is a systemic fungicide that aids in combatting storage diseases such as Gloeosporium and Botrytis in apples, pears and ornamental horticulture. More information
Periflo, potassium in dispersion, white and easy to use More information
Isomate CLR is a pheromone dispenser containing the pheromone components of both codling moths and leaf rollers. More information
Novovit is a perfect starter fertiliser for planting, acts as a water reservoir and prevents root damage by voles and water voles. More information
Frozil, for when it gets too cold! More information
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Active ingredients and their formulations

Globachem can supply you with both active ingredients and formulations (see table below). Our agrochemicals come with our own set of registrations in various countries. As such, these agrochemicals are supported by the necessary registration details (active ingredient and formulation studies).

Active ingredient Formulations Product
6-benzyladenine 100 SL
Azoxystrobin 250 SC
Globaztar SC
Chloridazon 430 SC
65 WG
Clopyralid 100 SL
200 SL
400 SL
Glopyr 400 SL
Glopyr 200 SL
Glopyr 100 SL
Codlemone Dispensers
Diethofencarb 250 SC
Diflufenican 500 SC
57 SC
Diflanil 500 SC
Diquat 200 SL
Quad-Glob 200 SL
Epoxiconazole 125 SC
Spike SC
Fluroxypyr 180 EC
200 EC
Flurostar 200
Flurostar 180
GA3 10 ST
GA4/7 10 SL
Potassium bicarbonate
Kaoline SC
Periflo summer
Periflo winter
Lambda-cyhalothrin 50 EC
Markate 50
Metazachlor 500 SC
Naspar 500 SC
Rapsan 500 SC
Napropamide 450 SC
Penconazole 100 EC
Topenco 100 EC
Propyzamide 400 SC
Proper Flo
Tebuconazool 250 EW
Trinexapac-ethyl 250 EC