Seed technology

Globachem has years of experience in the development and production of powders, binders and colorants for seed improvement technology. Our clients, mainly plant breeders and seed distributors, use our technology and products for coating, encrusting and pelleting of their seeds.

End 2015, Cropsafe has been fully integrated in Globachem NV. For a number of years Globachem focusses on the expansion of its products portfolio for seed protection products.

Based on a synergistic collaboration between the two companies we aim to provide our clients in the seed sector with a total solution.

Our products

SEFI - Seed Filler

Globachem develops and produces powders for the pelleting of seeds under the label ‘SEFI’ (Seed Filler). By pelleting seeds, i.e. covering seeds with powders, we can change the shape of the seeds. More info


SEBI - Seed Binder

With the ‘SEBI’ range (Seed Binder) Globachem markets binders for various applications in seed treatments. These binders are used to stick the pelleting powders to the seed during the pelleting process. More info


SECO - Seed Colorant

With the ‘SECO’ products (Seed Colorant) Globachemhas developed a range of high-quality colorants for seed treatments. The use of these colorants enables a seed company to make a considerable increase in the aesthetic value of its seeds. More info


Our services

Pelleting technology

Pelleting technology can be roughly divided into 4 different classes: Soft-pill method, Split-pill method, Melt-pill method en Encrusting method. The well-considered combination of our pelleting powders (SEFI), binders (SEBI) and colorants (SECO) enables us to offer high-quality pelleting solutions for a variety of application. More info


Seed technology training

In order to support our clients fully with their activities. Globachem can organise training to equip (future) operators with the basic knowledge and expertise on seed technology. More info