Seed technology


Globachem has years of experience in the development and production of powders, binders and colorants for seed improvement technology. Our clients, mainly plant breeders and seed distributors, use our technology and products for coating, encrusting and pelleting of their seeds.

SEFI - Seed Filler

Globachem develops and produces powders for the pelleting of seeds under the label ‘SEFI’ (Seed Filler). By pelleting seeds, i.e. covering seeds with powders, we can change the shape of the seeds. These shape changes on the one hand improve the sowability of the seeds and on the other hand facilitate the application of crop protection products and other additives such as fertilizers, micro-organisms, etc.

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For the development of our SEFI – products we have extensive experience in very diverse crops. This enables us to design crop-specific solutions for our clients. If the client has very specific requirements, we try to match the composition of our powders to his demands. Finally we always make sure that our powders can be used in traditional pelleting pans and Rotostat systems.

Most powders are also suitable for the production of bioseeds.

SEBI - Seed Binder

With the ‘SEBI’ range (Seed Binder) Globachem markets binders for various applications in seed treatment. These binders are used to stick the pelleting powders to the seed during the pelleting process or apply a coating layer that may also contain agrochemicals and colorants. The binders allow us to reach the dust standard of the Heubach dust test for treated seeds.

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We use a wide range of synthetic polymers as basic material for our traditional binders. The combination of these polymers in the correct ratio enables us to develop a composite binder with the required properties.

In recent years our company has also been working on the development of biological binders that are made exclusively of natural binding agents. Because of the specific composition of these binders they can be used in the pelleting process of biological seeds or seeds with reduced chemical input. Moreover most of these natural binders are also compatible with microbial seed inoculants.

SECO - Seed Colorant

With the ‘SECO’ products (Seed Colorant) Globachem has developed a range of high-quality colorants for seed treatment. The use of these colorants enables a seed company to make a considerable increase in the aesthetic value of its seeds. We supply a number of natural colorants for the biological market.

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The high-value quality of our colorants results in a very homogenous distribution and a good coverage of the seeds during colouring. At the client’s request we can supply a colorant in the same colour as the house logo allowing the seeds to become part of its marketing strategy.

SETA - Seed Treatment

Globachem develops, registers and distributes products for seed treatment. Treating seeds with agrochemicals is key to controlling diseases transferred by seeds and to protect seedlings from fungi and soil insects. Please see our product page for more details.

Pelleting technology

The pelleting of seeds results in an end product with a very homogeneous shape and size. This seed treatment method enables precision sowing of seeds that are difficult to sow. Moreover the use of crop protection products on pilled seeds results in fewer undesirable effects allowing these seeds to germinate under optimum conditions.

The well-considered combination of our pelleting powders (SEFI), binders (SEBI) and colorants (SECO) enables us to offer high-quality pelleting solutions for a variety of applications. Thus we can provide our clients with customized pelleting technology.

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Pelleting technology can be roughly divided into 4 different classes:

Soft-pill method

Soft-pills are generally light pills that become soft in contact with moisture allowing the germ of the seed to grow through the softened layer. This technology is mainly used for larger seeds where the germination capacity is strong enough to break through the coating.

Split-pill method

Split-pills are pills that split open in contact with moisture, allowing the seed to germinate without any constraint. This method is mainly used for vegetable seeds and smaller seeds that are faced with germination problems when a soft pill is used.

Melt-pill method

A melt-pill enables precision sowing and disintegrates completely on contact with moisture. This treatment is mainly used for very small seeds and seeds that are very slow to germinate. The germination of the seeds is not held back as the pill disintegrates fairly quickly after sowing and the seeds are returned to their original, naked state.

Encrusting method

Encrusting is a seed treatment method mainly aimed at weighting the seeds, thus facilitating mechanical sowing. The original shape of the seeds remains visible. The pelleting material also facilitates the application of micro-organisms, fertilizers or crop protection products on the seed. This method is regularly used for grasses and alfalfa.

Seed technology training

Our company focuses on clients that use Globachem products in their own seed treatment machines and therefore does not carry out contract pelleting. To fully support them in their activities Globachem organizes training to provide (future) operators with the basic knowledge and expertise on seed technology.