Pomax, extra protection against storage diseases

Pomax is a versatile fungicide that, due to its unique composition, provides long-lasting, effective control of storage diseases in apple and pear. Besides the excellent efficacy against Botrytis and Neofabraea, Pomax also has good side effects against other storage fungi.

  • Broad spectrum fungicide against storage diseases in apple and pear
  • 2 active ingredients (anti-resistance strategy)
  • 1,6 L/ha (BE: 0,9 L/ha LWA)
  • Max. 2 applications
  • 3 days PHI
  • Good residue profile
  • Excellent rainfastness
  • SC - suspension concentrate


Unique combination of 2 active ingredients

Pomax is the first product that links the long-lasting preventive activity of fludioxonil to the strong curative activity of pyrimethanil, making it a very effective, broad spectrum fungicide.


Superior efficacy

Independent trials show that Pomax has the highest efficacy against the most important fungal storage diseases in apple and pear.

Excellent residue profile

After 2 Pomax applications, the analysed residue of both active ingredients at harvest is way below the European MRL and even far below the 33 % MRL imposed by some retailers.

For country specific information on the registration and the label of this product, we refer to the database on registered plant protection products of your country.

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