Crop protection


700 g/L metamitron


SC - suspension concentrate

Soil residual herbicide with contact activity against broadleaf weeds in sugar beet, fodder beet, mangel beet and red beet.

Key Strengths

  • Foundation to the sugar beet herbicide program
  • Key residual active showing very good efficacy on i.a. lamb's quarters, chickweed, mayweed, groundsel, fool's parsley, orache,  
  • annual meadowgrass
  • Also provides some contact activity along with acropetal translocation from the roots to the shoots
  • Indispensable tank mix partner
  • Excellent crop safety without compromising efficacy

Other brand names

Actron, Betatrix, Finex, Klaxxon, Tronix

For country-specific information about the registration and the label of this product, we refer to the database with registered plant protection products of your country.