Product label Assistant

Create and update product labels

 A challenging job content

  • You are responsible to create and update product labels. On top of verifying the content and making changes to the text (based on registrations) you will handle the graphic design of the labels (using Adobe InDesign or through an external designer).
  • You collaborate closely with the Registration, Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain colleagues.
  • You build effective communication channels related to label management with the concerned people.
  • You maintain external contacts with customers and label designers.
  • You follow up on artwork and you implement QR-codes.
  • You ensure legal compliance of labels at all times (eg. legislation CLP).
  • You make sure labels are in line with the house style and you manage the database (structured storage of final label versions).
  • You report to the head of the ‘Registrations and Regulatory Affairs’ department.

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