Protection des plantes


500 g/kg fludioxonil


WG - water dispersible granule

Pre-harvest contact fungicide with long residual activity, providing thorough protection against the main storage rot pathogens in apple and pear.

Key Strenghts

  • Reliable, broad-spectrum, long-lasting control of storage diseases in pome fruit
  • Strongly binds to the plant surface, forming a protective barrier with good rainfastness
  • Very effective on i.a. Botrytis spp., Neofabraea spp., Alternaria spp., Penicillium spp., Monilinia spp., Nectria spp. 
  • Ideal partner in the residue strategy, containing only 1 active ingredient
  • Flexible application up to 3 days before harvest
  • Fundamental tool in the anti-resistance strategy, not showing any cross-resistance with other fungicide classes

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