Globachem nv was established by Koen en Els Quaghebeur-Paesmans in December 2000, with the family home acting as its head office. From the outset, Globachem’s primary focus was submitting registrations of generic agrochemicals. Initially, the company’s business was aimed predominantly towards niche products, such as gibberellins and other plant growth regulators, eliciting limited interest from multinationals. It wasn’t until later that Globachem invested in large-scale agrochemicals for the arable crops.

In 2003 the first employee was hired, whose sole responsibility consisted of dealing with registrations. Later on, R&D staff joined the team, as Globachem intended to market new applications and products.

In its initial stages, Globachem was geared towards the international market; the Belgian market came in on a mere 4th or 5th place in terms of sales. Storage was fully outsourced. This all changed with the construction of the company’s new premises on the Lichtenberglaan, part of the Brustem Industriepark (Industrial Estate) in Sint-Truiden. Globachem moved there on 1st January 2012; the company has made full use of its own storage facility ever since.

Globachem’s relocation also came with an increase in staff, going from 5 to 15 members between March 2011 and March 2012. At the start of 2014 Globachem had a staff of 19.

Towards the end of 2012, Globachem became an important participant in Cropsafe, also based in Sint-Truiden, specialising in physical crop protection products, seed pelleting and Novovit. End of 2015 Cropsafe became fully incorporated in Globachem.

Within Cropsafe, the focus was initially on physical stress-reducing agents for plants, with applications in fruit production and agriculture. Products such as Periflo, Frozil and Novovit quickly found their way to the growers.

Seed-treatment products were added to the product portfolio later, such as powders, binding agents and colorants. To enable the commercialisation of seed treatment products, we invested in the expansion of our own production environment. We are a reliable partner for a large number of breeding companies with very diverse profiles. In this way we have built up considerable experience with a lot of seed types such as lettuce, carrots, onions, celery, grasses, legumes, sugar beet, etc.